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Cloud PBX

Virtual PBX or IP Centrex Systems offer PBX functionality provided by a centralized system. The customers only require terminals such as IP-phones, IP-DECT systems and analogue terminal adapters (ATA’s) for fax devices. The VoIP Switch is an optimal solution to support the IP roadmap of corporate voice services towards a cloud based VoIP solution enabling support of previously installed legacy PBX systems. The solution is very appealing for enterprises with geographically disperse locations that do not want to acquire their own local PBX and prefer to use the Virtual PBX services of a Telecom Service Providers.

The Virtual PBX functionality includes popular features such as conference calls, call-forking, group-calls, voice-mail, IVR and CTI integration. A fully integrated fixed-mobile convergence solution ensures the seamless operation and handover between Wi-Fi, GSM/mobile and fixed line voice networks. The "one number" concept enables a transparent call-distribution amongst mobile and fixed IP phones. The PBX features are not only available in the fixed network but also on integrated smartphones and on the move via laptops or pads.

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