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If you like fruity, red wines and you’re in a wine or liquor store lined with a dizzying array of bottles, you can now get suggestions from none other than IBM’s Watson. Need a North Face jacket for an upcoming ski trip? Ask Watson which one to wear.

Consumers shop for goods and services before they even get to your store or ecommerce site. So, you need to identify product and channel preferences more quickly, while engaging and serving consumers in an always-on, tech-addicted world. With IBM Watson Analytics, you can get insights on your own that so you can offer customers products they want when they want them—the way that they want them.

Discover who your customers are, how they behave, and what keeps them coming back with IBM Watson Analytics. Track trends, find correlations in data you weren’t aware were there and determine what are influencing campaign and promotional outcomes. Watson analytics guides you through advanced analytics in minutes for a better understanding of consumers, smarter marketing campaigns and more successful operations.

Cognitive Business Solutions

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