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Our OTT app takes a different approach from B2C with its emphasis on user experience. There are a number of different ways that B2B enterprise instant messaging is currently implemented. CISCO approaches it from a network perspective, Microsoft approaches it from a system perspective, LINE is based on mobile phones, and SKYPE is based on computers. Our OTT app however approaches it from an information flow perspective. A federated cloud setup was also developed so that computer signals can be transmitted anywhere. The data is however separated from the signal so that it can be localized and retained in each country.

Secondly, an enterprise directory function was therefore developed with all contact methods placed online. Any changes could be updated directly on the cloud platform. This also made it easy for users to query contact details then message or call the other person directly.

Thirdly, most chat rooms are public but in an enterprise setting they may also involve the exchange or discussion of sensitive information. We therefore not only maintains tight control over individual permissions and records all chat history. When an employee leaves the company, their access permissions can also be directly removed from the cloud platform. The system will also automatically remove that employee from related chat rooms as well to ensure the security of the chat platform.

Finally, we provides numerous APIs that businesses can use to interface with internal systems. It also provides a cloud control platform for integration with internal AD or LDAP.

Software for Enterprise Management

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