Super IBM Watson artificial intelligence official in Vietnam: This is 4 Universities are selected for training!

20-04-2017 17:13 PM

This training program will open up tremendous opportunities for the students of the selected technologies.
This morning, Mr. Tran Nguyen Vu, The group manager of IBM Software Solutions Vietnam and Chairman of Telecommunications and software company Five9 signed cooperation agreements training and technology application known cognitive computing (cognitive computing) first in Vietnam.

Training, four leading universities of technology in Vietnam, including Hanoi University of Technology, Faculty of Information Technology - University of Technology under the Hanoi National University, IT and Communication Institute - Institute of Posts and Telecommunications and IT institutes - Institute of Science and Technology, Military will be chosen as the place of training and transfer of knowledge, technology application skills and Cloud Computing platform known cognitive IBM Watson (more about IBM Watson here).

Siêu trí tuệ nhân tạo IBM Watson chính thức về Việt Nam: Đây là 4 trường Đại Học được chọn để đào tạo! Siêu trí tuệ nhân tạo IBM Watson chính thức về Việt Nam: Đây là 4 trường Đại Học được chọn để đào tạo!

IBM Vietnam representative and Five9 signed cooperation agreements and training applications know cognitive computing in Vietnam

Whereby, IBM experts will direct training for school teachers (at Hoa Lac hi-tech zone) so they teach the students. Share with media, Mr. Tran Nguyen Vu said about 40 faculty and 500 IT majors, Applied Mathematics and Electronics and Telecommunications will benefit from the program.

The training program is expected to help Vietnam build the next generation of engineers and communities use the technology of cloud computing and artificial intelligence Watson to solve real-world problems for enterprises and government between industrial revolution 4.0. Lecturers, Vietnam students will also be Five9 and IBM sponsored credit package worth 1 billion in order to use the computer system knows aware Watson.

Not just a normal training program, thanks to the boundless potential application, skills using Watson technology will soon become an invaluable asset for any IT students in the peak of the upcoming artificial intelligence, especially with the need to address and process data of enterprises and the government was still constantly going up.

Siêu trí tuệ nhân tạo IBM Watson chính thức về Việt Nam: Đây là 4 trường Đại Học được chọn để đào tạo! Siêu trí tuệ nhân tạo IBM Watson chính thức về Việt Nam: Đây là 4 trường Đại Học được chọn để đào tạo!

"Said cognitive computing" is a concept used to describe the system likely study scale quickly and deeply, treat have purpose, and interactive humans through natural language. Performances of the first widely known computing technology awareness is in 2011, While IBM computer Watson launched the world and beat two world champions famous American television game Ken Jennings (74 consecutive championships) and Brad Rutter (record for the biggest bonus) in game Jeopardy!, one of the games most attractive television in American TV history. The capacity of the supercomputer Watson in answering questions subtext, complex style pun shown the ability to handle the data gathering increasingly complex and developed the capacity to learn, interpret and learn beyond technology "decode".

Know aware computing is considered to put an end to "hibernation period of artificial intelligence (AI)”, changed completely modal interaction between people and systems, in which the intelligent system will simulate the capabilities of the human brain in order to contribute to solving the most complex problems of society.

The computing system known cognitive helps us understand 80% data "unstructured" among 2.5 thousand billion billion billion (quintillion) bytes of data produced every day from social networks, mobile, Internet of things, and from all activities that occur on our planet. That allows people to keep up the volume, complexity and unpredictable nature of the information and systems in the modern world. In 5 years since the contest Jeopardy!, IBM Watson has been widely deployed on cloud platforms, Supported by the strong capability of IBM technology in many areas, such as data analysis, Open Standards, security as well as extensive knowledge in the field as in most areas such as health, environment, public policy, education, finance,…

The reason that IBM quickly decided to collaborate with Five9 in training and technology application Watson in Vietnam, According to Mr. Tran Nguyen Vu, the potential and enormous opportunity in Vietnam. "Vietnam was the second country, after India on level programmers as well as the proportion of the population programmer, if one was to follow the path of outsourcing without upgrading to the latest technology of the world, we will soon be left behind ... .Tiem applicability of Watson will help Vietnam to quickly narrow the technology gap with the world to leapfrog. "

Also in the framework of the press conference, When asked about whether the quality of Vietnam has enough manpower to keep pace and application of new technologies so yet, Huynh Wins Decision, assistant principal Hanoi Polytechnic University, said demand for IT manpower is huge now, but not all jobs require engineers to know everything, from basic programming to advanced process technologies. Therefore, the technology training schools now want to attempt stratified labor force with the intermediate level, college, University,... Students who wish to work jobs that do not require too much specialized skills can choose regular programming and go to work early. While, students who want to learn more in-depth research will be able to add to master technologies like Watson to become the team leader of the research team of artificial intelligence.

Five9 Vietnam Telecommunications company and private Software was founded in 2010 with affiliates in Czech Republic, Hong Kong and Singapore. With good technology platform and team of highly specialized personnel, Five9 Vietnam is a reliable partner of many customers at home and abroad. Development orientation of the company is to become a pioneer in enterprise applications of Artificial Intelligence, provide cloud computing services and information technology solutions to leading, operational support business administration of enterprises, bring advanced technologies closer to life. Five9 may also wish to create a community of IT intensive artificial intelligence and cognitive computing know, enhance added value as well as master the technology industry of Vietnam Software.